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Is Umrah Compulsory or a Sunnah?

October 17, 2014

Is Umrah Compulsory or a Sunnah

Muslim researchers and scholars are agreed that Umrah is prescribing in Islam and is an act of virtue. They are different as to whether Is Umrah Compulsory or a Sunnah. Imam Abu Haneefah and Imam Maalik were of the observation that it is a Sunnah and mustahabb (which is also known as preferable), however not obligatory; this was also the observation favored by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah.


They quoted as proof for that the hadeeth related  for Is Umrah Compulsory or a Sunnah by al-Tirmidhi (931) from Jaabir, who said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was asked whether Umrah is compulsory or not. He said, “No, however if you do Umrah it is better.”

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umrahHowever this hadeeth is da’eef (which means weak); it was classed as da’eef by al-Shaafa’i, Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr, Ibn Hajar and al-Nawawi; by al-Albaani in Da’eef al-Tirmidhi, and by others.

Al-Shaafa’i also put his contribution by saying that: It is da’eef (weak) and cannot be used as proof Is Umrah Compulsory or a Sunnah. There is nothing proven that says that Umrah is a voluntary act of devotion.

Is Umrah Compulsory or a Sunnah

Is Umrah Compulsory or a Sunnah

According to Ibn Abd al-Barr, This was narrated with isnaads that are not applicable, and such reports cannot be used as proof for Is Umrah Compulsory or a Sunnah.

Al-Nawawi said in al-Majmoo’ (7/6): the researchers of hadeeth are decided that it is da’eef (weak).

One of the things that point out that this is da’eef (weak) is the fact that it was confirmed that Jaabir was of the observation that Umrah is compulsory, as we shall observe below.

umrah_mainImam al-Shaafa’i and Imam Ahmad were of the examination that it is obligatory. This observation was also privileged by Imam al-Bukhaari.

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