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Little Guidance About Hajj

January 12, 2015
Little Guidance About Hajj

Little Guidance About Hajj

Hajj is a fifth aspect of Islam. The hajj is compulsory for Muslims, men and women, at least once in a lifetime. The most beautiful aspect of hajj is the regularity. All the pilgrims have to do accurately the same acts at the same sites around Makah on four days consecutively. All wear the ihram, majority of which is white in color. Both men and women are banned from wearing any kind of hair oil, cut the nails, shaving hair on any part of the body, or to be involved in any form of marriage proposal, hunt and kill animals.

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam so it cannot be ignored and it should must be on top priorities.Propher Muhammad (PBUH) has encouraged to Offer Hajj Once in a life time as soon as possible .Even a young girl or a young boy when even get the chance to offer Hajj in her/his life then they should must take this opportunity. Young age is the best age for performing Hajj because the sooner as a person performs it, the sooner he/ she gets financial stability and can secure a stable future.

The pilgrimage rite starts on the 7th day of Zi-al-Ḥijj that is the last month of the Islamic year and ends on the 12th day of Zi-al-Hajj. When the pilgrim is about 6 miles from Makah, he enters the state he puts ihram garments which is consisting of two white sheets that are wrapped around the body. About two million people perform the hajj each year. If a person done with Hajj once he is known as Hajji and if he offers Hajj more than a time then he is known as Alhajj.

The Suqya Mosque, The Cemetery of Al-Baqee, The Quba Mosque, the Martyrs of Uhad,  The Juma Mosque, The Ghamamah Mosque, The Zabab Mosque, The Qiblatain Mosque, The Al-Fazih Mosque, The Al-Ajaba Mosque, The Bani Haram Mosque are some of the most important places to Visit once in a lifetime and if you are planning to go for Hajj this year then cheap Hajj packages are presented to you in this regard and you are just a step back to the Hajj Packages 2017 from London Heathrow.You can check Hajj Packages 2017 with detail.

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