Umrah Plus Tourism Program Has Been Announced by Saudia Prince

January 20, 2015

Umrah Plus Tourism Program

Umrah and TourismThe plan for Umrah plus Tourism program has been announced by Saudia Prince Sultan bin Salman who is president of Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) and allowing foreign travelers to visit historical places, museums and resorts.

For the implementation of this program the SCTA will coordinate with the Foreign and Hajj Ministries. He said it will be a big change for all the pilgrimage that will come to offer Hajj or Umrah in the country as advance Kingdom’s economy.

After signing the agreement Prince Sultan made this remark with the presidency of the Two Sacred Mosques of Islamic historical sites to improve help between two organizations to preserve Islamic artifacts and take care of it.

Umrah and Tourism 2The SCTA said “Our efforts are aimed at serving Islam and Muslims and highlighting Islamic culture and heritage,” and “We’ll develop Islamic historical sites with our partners, open them to visitors and appoint trained guides to provide tourists with correct information in light of the Islamic faith,”

In different parts of the Kingdom, Prince Sultan stressed the meaning of relics found, over the past centuries they show huge Saudi Arabian heritage and its contribution.

In a previous statement, Prince Sultan said the Umrah-Plus Tourism would benefit pilgrims from 65 countries, creating thousands of job opportunities for Saudis.

Prince Sultan said in a previous comment that the Umrah plus Tourism could have advantage for pilgrimage from 65 Countries, creating thousands of job opportunities for Saudi Arabians.

“We will work with Saudi universities to develop academic programs to meet manpower requirements in the travel and tourism sector,” the prince said.

The Prince said that we will work with Saudi Arabian Universities to increase academic programs to meet manpower requirements in the trip and tourism area.

Umrah and Tourism 3Abdul Shakoor Ali, a tourism business executive, said the Umrah-Plus program would increase the number of pilgrims visiting the Kingdom and strengthens the country’s economy, since more than six million foreign pilgrims visit the Kingdom annually.

Since more than six million foreign pilgrims go to the kingdom every year with many Umrah experts but the number of pilgrims would must be increase by strengthens the country’s economy. Said by Abdul Shaqoor Ali who is a tourism business executive.

He said that we hope this service would be available to pilgrims from all countries .At present pilgrims are able to visit only Makah and Madinah. The new program will allow them to visit places like Madain Saleh, Madain Shuaib, Haqel, Abha and Taif.

Ali said tourism has possible means to become the second largest revenue

He said that when oil prices are falling in the international market then the new move is important at time.

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