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Umrah In Islam

January 26, 2015

Umrah In Islam

Umrah In Islam: Umrah or the mini pilgrimage, is not an obligation in Islam. It is the eagerness of the Muslim, either to perform it or not. Muslims residing around the globe have, umrah packages 2017 london deep desire to visit and explore the House of Allah, in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Harram, known as the house of the Almighty, has a great exposure for the Muslim community of the whole world.

There is no restriction on Muslims, of time and duration to set off for the tour of Makkah with the intention of the Umrah. Umrah is a holy act which the beloved Prophet, Muhammad PBUH, carried twice in His lifetime. It apparently resembles to the Hajj, which is because, every Hajj is accompanied by a prior Umrah. But it, unlike Hajj, may be performed anytime during the year. The sanctity and the worth of Umrah may easily be proved by the Quran and the traditions of Holy Prophet PBUH.

It is neither directly or imperatively, an obligation for the Muslims, yet it is a Sunnat-e-Muwaqada. The Muslims reach to the Makkah in groups or individually to perform the Umrah and record their presence in the levee of the Almighty. Umrah is a holiest passage of Muslims across to the Makkah. Literally, Umrah means to visit the place which is densely populated. The Harram, the sacred house of the Allah, is the most populated place of worship in the entire universe. As of the Hajj, the Umrah has immense value and rewards in Islam. For the content of pilgrims, there are many travel agencies who are giving the Umrah packages to them, to take their way ahead to the Makkah, more easily.

Those who leave for the Umrah, in the way of Allah, has made their mind to to spend their time just in the efforts to make Him pleased and seek the forgiveness of their sins, get the true and the highest ranks near the Almighty. While getting in Ahram, they save themselves from harming another, committing sin or doing some foul. And thus the entire time spend for the Umrah made a blessed time for them. The Twaaf of the Kabaa, get them closer to the Allah, and making the Saee remind them the hardships of Hajra. The entire journey and series of rituals make them spiritually as pure as they get birth the moment. This is the reason of shaving the heads after completing the Umrah rituals, as that is the symptom of the fact that the Muslim is just like a newborn after completing the Umrah.

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