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The Great Day Of Hajj 10th Zill Hijjah

February 4, 2015

The Great Day Of Hajj 10th Zill Hijjah

Two Egyptian Muslim pilgrims pray as other pilgrims circle the Kaaba at the Grand mosque during the annual haj pilgrimage in the holy city of MeccaHajj, the beautiful procession of the Muslims, held annually in the Makkah. It is the greatest exposure of Muslim unity and brotherhood. It reflects the true meaning and teachings of the Islam. Unlike Umrah, it is an obligation of the Muslim Ummah to must perform at least once in their lifetime. Muslims take cheap Hajj packages 2017 for their easy access to the Makkah. The Hajj packages 2017 are designed in a way that made the Hajj more adequate for the pilgrims.

The Hajj needs five day course to be completed. On 8th Zill Hijjah, pilgrims start with their Hajj rites and they spend the night of 9th Zill Hijjah, glorifying and supplicating the Almighty, in the Arafat. After Fajr prayer, pilgrims stop at the location, called “mashar el Haram”, the sacred oratory of Mouzdalifah, and there they address Allah in invocations and praises. Then, before the sunrise, pilgrims proceed towards Mina.

The Great Day Of Hajj 10th Zill HijjahThe 10th Zill Hijjah is the day of the sacrifice feast: “Eid Al Idh’ha “. On reaching in the Mina, pilgrims stone the biggest monument called “Jamarat Al Aqaba” with 7 pebbles, throwing one after the other, and saying: “Allahou Akbar”.

After the stoning, the pilgrim who incurs an offering worries about the sacrifice of the animal. The pilgrim can offer the sacrifice anytime in the next three days, called the days of Tashriq. After the sacrifice the pilgrim needs and bound to shave their head or just shorten the hair. Once done, they would be in the state called the few non-sacredness; all the ritual prohibitions appropriate to the state of sacredness, the Ahram, are terminated, except for the sexual relations between married couples.

The Great Day Of Hajj 10th Zill Hijjah2After the sacrifice the pilgrim returns to Makkah and perform Tawaf Al Ifadaha, which is one of the pillars of Hajj. It does not differ from Saee. After that, they went back to Mina where they are required to stay and spend the night.

From then to the next two days, pilgrim repeats the stoning to the Devil. They throw pebbles on the monument erected in the Mina as Jamarat. They throw seven pebbles on each statue every day. And after repeating the process for the 11th and 12th Zill Hijjah, they ascend to the Harram again and they can perform Tawaaf al Ifadah and they either can perform the Umrah.

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