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A short History of the Hajj

March 2, 2015

A short History of the Hajj

A short History of the Hajj: vocally Hajj means to set out for a place. but, Islamically it refers to the pilgrimage which is annually held in the Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Muslims arrive at the Makkah with the intention of performing specified religious rites in accordance with the orders and practices prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

vocally Hajj means to set out for a spot. at the same time, Islamically it is the journey which is every year held in the Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Muslims land at the Makah with the aim of performing determined religious customs as per the requests and practices recommended by the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

The rites of the Hajj were firstly ordained by Allah at the time of Prophet Ibrahim A.S, and it was he, who was entrusted with the job to build Kaaba, by the Allah. Allah described this in the Quran as follows:

“And remember when We showed Ibrahim the site of the [Sacred] House [saying]: Associate not anything [in worship with Me and purify My House for those who circumambulate it [i.e. Perform tawaaf] and those who stand up for prayer and those who bow down and make prostration [in prayer,  etc.].”  [Surah Al-Hajj 22:26]

When Kaaba was constructed, the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) would come to Makah to perform Hajj consistently, and this practice was held by his child Ismail (A.S) after the demise of Ibrahim (A.S). Continuously, with the progression of time, notwithstanding, the structure and the objective, both were changed for the Hajj customs. The misguided admiration spread all through the Arabs and the Kaaba lost its virtue and holiness. Several symbol divine beings were put in the Kaaba, and the dividers of the Kaaba were secured with the compositions and the ballads.

During the Hajj season the climate in and around the Kaaba was similar to a carnival. The individuals go round the Kaaba exposed, contending that they are showing themselves before the god in the same condition as they were conceived. Their petitions to God were decreased to a progression of blowing horns, hand applauding and the shrieking. The reparations, albeit made for the sake of god, yet their blood was poured on the dividers of the Kaaba and the substance of these creatures was hung with the columns around the Kaaba.

The significant piece of the Hajj occasion was comprising on the singing, infidelity, drinking, verse rivalries and different demonstrations of indecency. Subsequently the individuals completely deserted the teachings of their progenitor, the Ibrahim (A.S). The Kaaba was completely defiled by the agnostics and this condition of undertakings proceeded for about more than two thousand years. And afterward the time desired the supplications of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) to be replied, as depicted in the Quran:

“Our Lord! Send amongst them a Messenger of their own, who shall recite unto them your aayaat (verses) and instruct them in the book and the Wisdom and sanctify them. Verily you are the ‘Azeezul-Hakeem [the All-Mighty, the All-Wise].”

[Surah Al-Baqarah 2:129]

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Born in the same city of the Makkah. This was the last Prophet of the Almighty and was sent to the entire universe. His teachings were not restricted to a race or tribe. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, spread the message of Tawheed. He built up and finally finished in the crushing of the icons in the Kaaba and made this spot by and by the widespread community for the admirers of the one True God. Might Allah give all the Muslims the capacity to visit the Holy House and perform the Hajj in the way of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Hajj packages 2017 London Services are offered for the Muslims to visit the Kaaba and perform the ceremonies of the Hajj. This bundle gives complete aid to the Muslims for the protected and complete Hajj of the Kaaba.

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