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A Religious Journey Of Umrah

March 11, 2015
A Religious Journey Of Umrah

A Religious Journey Of Umrah

Consistently countless from everywhere throughout the world set off, to Makkah in Saudi Arabia to perform the blessed obligation of Umrah. Umrah is actually an Arabic word, which mean a visit to a crowded place. But Umrah is the visit to the Holy Kaaba in the Islamic sense, which is generally remain memorable for all those who undertake it, for the entire life of the pilgrims. Some of the Umrah rites were associated with the time of Ibrahim A.S, as the Saee is associated by the Bibi Hajra, the second wife of Ibrahim and mother of Ismaeel A.S. The performance of these rites is in the memory of Ibrahim and the devotion of the Ummah to the Prophet of Allah. Islam is a religion of the monotheism of Allah which was taught by the Prophet Ibrahim A.S and then his son Ismail and Ishaq.

The Umrah can be performed any time during the year except the time specified for the Hajj, which is from 9th to 13th of Zill Hijjah. As in these days only the rites of Hajj can be performed. For undertaking the  Umrah, the pilgrim is required to get in the Ahram. For taking Ahram, they take a ritual bath and men wear two piece of cloth, known as Izar and Rida. After performing two Rakaat of intention of Umrah, a pilgrim makes the thorough uttering of the intention by saying: Labayk Allahuma Umrah. After getting in Ahram, they are restricted of some acts which are generally allowed to them.

Uttering the Talbiyah, the pilgrims ascend towards the Holy Kaaba. And when they reach to the Mosque, they enter with their right foot, making the Dua e Mosque. After getting close to the Hijr e Aswad, they make the intention of Tawaaf and start their first round from there. Make seven rounds around the Kaaba and complete their Tawaaf. For the Tawaaf, male Izteba, by baring the right shoulder. It is only for men and women are not bound by the specific dress code of the Ahram nor by the Izteba.

After the Tawaaf, the prayer of two Rakaat is offered by the pilgrims as the part of Umrah, behind the Maqam e Ibrahim. Pilgrim drink plenty of water from the Zamzam sprang, thinking it as a sacred source of water. Now, after completing their task in the Holy Mosque they get forward, towards the Mount of As Safa and Al Marwah. At these two mounts, the pilgrim makes the next step of their Umrah, by making Saee.

Starting from the As Safa and then ascend to the Al Marwah, they walk seven times in these two mounts and complete their Saee. As the Saee complete, pilgrims have to go for the shaving of the head. Women are just bound to cut an inch of their hair length. Now the pilgrim can come out of the restriction of Ahram.

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