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History and sanctity of the Hateem

March 11, 2015
History and sanctity of the Hateem

History and sanctity of the Hateem

History and sanctity of the Hateem: The Kaaba is the first and the most important worship place of the human being on the entire earth. The base of which was put in the hands of the Adam A.S, and then Ibrahim gave it a shape of the appropriate house of worship. In the Kaaba, Hateem is the crescent like area which is immediately adjacent to the Kaaba. It is also known as the Hijr e Ismail, as due to the fact that the Ibrahim A.S build a shelter for the Ismail A.S and his wife Hazrat e Hajra R.A, during the construction of the Harram.

In the era of Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, he loved to be seated near the Kaabah, and he, orders to spread a couch in this space for him. One night, while sleeping in the area of the Hateem he saw a shadowy figure in a dream instructing him to find Zamzam well, buried from the time of the tribe, Jurhum.

At an age of 35 years of the Prophet, peace be upon him, a calamitous flood damaged the Kaabah, which was already weakened due to an early fire, and was in danger to be demolished. Feeling the danger of collapse of the house of worship, the Quraish decided to rebuild the Kaaba, and project all the possible resources for the construction. The services of the carpenter named Baqoom, was also taken for the construction of the walls of Kaaba, who was a passenger on a ship wrecked on a nearby port of Makkah. The Prophet, peace be upon him, and his uncle Abbas were among the labor of nobles. Small walls were built showing the original boundaries of the foundation laid down by the Prophet Ibrahim A.S, which was enclosed an area over the northern side of Harram/ Kaabah. There is a scholarly difference of opinion in the fact that the Ismail A.S and his mother Hajra R.A are buried in the area of Hateem, yet the narration is so weak that cannot be relied upon.

The area of Hateem, which is approximately 3 meters adjacent to the walls on the sides of the Hateem is actually constituted and considers the part of the Kaabah, despite the fact of lying outside of the walls of the Kaaba. A Hadeeth reported by Hazrat e Ayesha states that the height of the walls of Hateem remained lower due to the lack of resources of the people of that time. It is, therefore, apparent that Tawaaf must be performed outside the area of Hateem.

Hateem is the area, where most of the pilgrim and the Muslims dreamed to offer prayer. Being placed in the closest position and adjacent to the Kaaba, it holds its precious place for the Muslims. It is ideal for the pilgrim setting off for the Hajj or the Umrah, that they must take an advance knowledge about the significance of all the places in and around the Harram.

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