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Saudi Arabia confirmed million pilgrims arrived Umrah season in December

March 22, 2015

umrahThe Customs Today news said, customs powers of Saudi Arabia affirmed more than a million pilgrims arrived or withdrew through King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) since the Umrah packages 2017 london  season began in December.

The airport Custom Authorities said that 523,672 pilgrims are still in the Kingdom, undertaking the Umrah in Makkah or going to Madinah while 484,613 have left for their homes.

The report said since the start of the season, a sum of 4,901 flights have either arrived or taken off from the airplane terminal.

The director general of the airport, Abdul Hameed Aba Al-Ary,  said all concerned offices are ready to manage the most engaged period at the airport while the Umrah season.


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