Saudi Women Confident Of Success In Spite Of Challenges

March 22, 2015

Saudi Women Confident Of Success In Spite Of ChallengesDr. Haya Al-Awad, Deputy Minister for girl’s education just stated that Saudi women are able to compete with their male counterparts all over the world, as they are determined and highly convinced to achieve more success.

Dr. Al Awad made these remarks on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, when she praised their responsibility in Saudi society. She stated. “Saudi women have achieved local and international scientific and cultural achievements that visibly show their latent energies despite all challenges they have faced,”

The authorized concurred, Saudi women are now more ambitions than ever before, Thanks to globalization, and have become a powerful figure in the advancement of the female great effort, especially in their community.

“One of the major barriers faced by Saudi women is the lack of information about how to advance, change, and succeed,” the undersecretary said.

“Thus, the Education Ministry has developed the educational curricula and programs to get ready women to prove themselves and serve their country. Students got awards and took superior positions in international and domestic competitions, which enables a lot of them to join worldwide top universities,” Dr. Al-Awad stated.

The ministry is increasing the human resources’ department responsible for the girl’s education, allowing them to full graduate studies, receive training programs, and correspond to them in all worldwide and local events, According to the official.

“The worldwide Women’s Day should be an occasion to raise community awareness about women’s role in society’s growth and progress, highlight their role in building communities, and celebrate their achievements in all fields,” Al-Awad added

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