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Supernatural occurrences Of Kaaba and Golden Scale

March 22, 2015

Supernatural occurrences Of Kaaba and Golden Scale

Supernatural occurrences Of Kaaba and Golden Scale: In 2009 September, the World saw  The investigative confirmation Of some incredible mysteries that had been covered up in the heavenly city Makkah for a large number of years. The mysteries are the steady, Superior configuration number of mathematics. As the Creator Has constantly utilized the extremely same number as a part of various occasions in the universe.

In our heart pulses, in the aspect ratio of DNA spiral. The Spiral gauges 34 angstroms in length by 21 angstroms wide for every full cycle of its twofold helix winding. 34 and 21, obviously, are numbered in the Fibonacci arrangement and their degree, 1.6190476 nearly approximates phi, 1.6180339.

The Space Design of the Universe,  named as Dodecahedron is same as the leaf cluster tenets of plants, and the snowflake crystals in the spiral structure of many Galaxies. All are created in a unified code. The Ratio of 1,618 is found in cosmic systems and planets. The trail of a Seahorse is the scientific recipe of 1,618 and a figure of 1,618 is found in the spiraling winds of a tropical storm. Along  these  lines the Creator has utilized the exceptionally same number of 1,618 dependably in almost all the creations of the Universe.

It is resolved that this proportion has been utilized for the outline of different respectable building structures, actually incorporating Pyramids in Egypt. Celebrated astronomer Kepler characterized this number as a Precious treasury.

Dr. Steven Markout, Prominent esthetician, as an aftereffect of his 25 years long study,  demonstrates that each of human bodies and faces, made in accordance with this ratio, are totally wonderful. When the concerned ratio is 1,618 for the segments of any structure, then this structure will be helpful to Golden Ratio, the ideal configuration.

The question is, Where is the Golden fundamental point on the Earth?

The extent of the separation in the Makkah and North Pole and the Makkah and South Pole is precisely 1,618, which is the Golden mean. Also, the extent of the separation between South Pole and Makkah to the separation between both posts is again 1,618.

The extent of eastern displacement from the western distance of Makkah’s solstice line is again 1,618. And, the extent of the separation from Makkah to the solstice line from the west side and border of the world at that scope is additionally shockingly equivalent to the Golden scale, 1,618.

We can correctly measure the separation between any two points of World by method for Google Earth’s ruler feature. Anybody can verify the accuracy of the given Scale by computing latitudes and longitudes or even by utilizing a calculator.

Phi Matrix programming is an American programming utilized for showing Golden Scale of pictures and drawings. When we accept the longitude and latitude map of the World as an everlasting painting which has a perpetual profundity, and open it in this system, we will figure out that the Golden Scale Point of the World is the City of Makkah. The Golden Scale supernatural occurrence of blessed Quran:

Interpretation: “First Sanctuary, designated for humanity was that at Makkah, a favored spot and direction for a wide kinds of creatures.” The connection between the City of Makkah and the Golden Scale is unmistakably engraved in the Aale Imran Surah’s 96th verse (Quran 3:96). The aggregate number of all letters of this verse is 47 (In Arabic). Ascertaining the brilliant degree of aggregate letters, we discover that the expression of Makkah is inferred;

If checked, there are supernaturally 29 letters from the earliest starting point of the verse till the saying, Makkah .., the letter was missing, this scale could never be constituted

The estimations by Golden Scale compass that is otherwise called Leonardo compass, demonstrate that Makkah city itself is spotted at the Golden Scale Point of Arabia while Kaaba is placed on the Golden Scale point of the city of Makkah.

The mysteries cannot be solved until and unless, one has the faith in the existence of some supernatural force, holding and running the entire business of the Universe. The Muslims, call that force Allah, who cannot be seen, but exist in each and every particle of the Universe. As an act of subservience they visit the Holy Haram, Kaaba, and they undertake Hajj and Umrah of the House. For the easy go, they book Luxury Non Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in London and the Umrah package uk.

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