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The Gaza Residence Are Restricted From Umrah

March 22, 2015

The Gaza Residence Are Restricted From Umrah

The Gaza Residence Are Restricted From Umrah: GAZA CITY: With the conflict battered Gaza Strip’s limits closed, thousands of people have been shut out of a Best Hotels with Non Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in England because they cannot go away the preserved territory.

Some 7,500 Gaza’s have required to travel to Saudi Arabia, for Umrah but they were returned. Egypt banned movement in and out of the coastal commune. Egypt has closed its border with the Gaza Strip as Oct. 24, citing security concerns in its northern Sinai project mass of land. It has opened it only intermittently for students and patients looking for medical concern. Israel heavily banned on exit from the territory.

The end is disturbing a population already disaffected by a war against Israel last summer that shattered thousands of homes and has displaced tens of thousands of people.

“I wait hour by hour. We feel every day that passes without exit as although it’s a year,” said Fares Hayek, 80, who is among those waiting to make the pilgrimage. In November he applied next to with his partner, children and grandchildren.

Travel agents who make easy the yearly pilgrimage say they’ve taken a hit from the blocked borders. The head of a group that represents travel agents, Awad Abu Mazkour, cheap umrah packages 2017 london services said agents in Gaza are losing several $140,000 in license cost bank guarantees and hotel bookings every month because of the closed crossing.

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