Which Islamic Gifts To Take Back From Umrah?

April 13, 2015
Which Islamic Gifts To Take Back From Umrah?

The Islamic concept of gift giving exchanges love and affection between family members, relatives and friends. That is why The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said, ” Exchange gifts to one another, for gifts take away resentment.” Therefore many Muslims give gifts to each other at different events to exchange the feelings of liking and warmth towards each other. Special events such as when returning from Hajj and Umrah 2017 in exacting are a time when all like to promote Islamic gifts with their family, relatives and friends.

The best Islamic gifts likely are easily available in the towns nearby the Kaaba; house of Allah Almighty and the Masjid-e-Nabi. The cities, Makah and Madina are the focal points in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where pilgrims from around the world come and wait. The locals have put up many shops, malls, and markets in order to make easy the millions of people visiting these two main cities all year around. These shopping areas carry all kinds of Islamic gifts that people can take back home after they are complete with their prayers and pilgrimage.

The most famous Islamic gifts that are without problems available in these as well as other cities of Saudi Arabia consist of prayer mats, prayer beads, Islamic jewelry and replicas of The Holy Kaaba and a variety of famous mosques of the country. In addition to these popular matter, bottled Holy water called Aab-e-ZamZam and altars are also simply obtainable in these markets. As dates are extensively grown in Saudi Arabia, and they take significant meaning in the faith, Islam, these local variety of dates also make great Islamic gifts from the land of Allah Almighty’s house. Arabs have prolonged their local date producing business to quite an extent and have also created many variations to the end product obtainable for sale. The variants along with the more conventional plain ones. Therefore the visitors can select from a large diversity to take back to their own homelands.

Other Islamic gifts that can be purchased back from your Umrah trip include good Islamic books that teach the method of performing Umrah, which can be a great advantage for the family members, relatives  and friends who have not yet had the freedom of leaving themselves. People who go away their houses in attention of their pilgrimage to Allah Almighty therefore have a collection of things to select from to present their loved ones with upon their return home.

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