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The Qualities of The True Muslim

May 8, 2015

The Qualities of The True Muslim

Muslims are the persons who admit that there is only one Allah and no god exists in the world. They admit that the entire universe is in sole hold and control of the Lord Allah. They only surrender their head and soul before Him. They admit that Allah has descended several Prophets for the guidance of mankind, whose main task is just to eliminate evil from the good.

A genuine Muslim is the one, whose: Heart, brain and soul is totally surrendered and submitted to Allah. A Muslim is safe from his tongue and from his hand, he won’t deceive others by taking, defaming or mistreating physically, monetarily, or by his tongue.

A Muslim is the person who does not change his words or his dedication and he tells the truth. Halal as Halal and Haraam as Haraam. He generally tries to be in a provision of Islam obeying Allah the greatest of his capacity. A Muslim when he recollects Allah, his heart gets to be humble and trembles, delicate, his body shudders and his eyes tear from the apprehension and affection for Allah.

He puts stock in Allah and His Prophet [PBUH], with faith and activity. He is far from wrong organization and wrong practitioners. He keeps his assertion, he keeps his agreement, his guarantee. He tries to look for the learning of Allah, and Rasool Allah in every activity, in whatever he talks and whatever he does.

The adherents are his companions, his siblings and his faction. He adores pride and abominate disfavor. He keeps his tongue with the truth and dependably strolls by the light of truth. The Satan has no control over him, however, he is effective over his own Satan. His accommodation  to his Lord gives him his own energy, from the strength of Allah. A Muslim adores for his sibling what he cherishes for himself and detests for his sibling what he abhors for himself. He beautifies himself with the character, the way and the qualities of the Rasool Allah, love. He tries to be a practitioner, not a talker. He verifies, he exhorts himself, before he prompts others. He looks to his mix-ups before he tries to rectify other’s botches.

The Hajj is the dream journey of the Muslims. It is impossible that a person is Muslim by the heart, and he just neglects or avoid the chance to perform the Hajj and the Umrah 2017 of the house, Haram, in his lifetime. For an effective way, to make his Hajj journey less inconvenient and more comfortable for him, the pilgrim ought to accept the splendid offer of Best Non Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in Manchester. These Hajj deals also have some special arrangements for those persons who are with constrained budgets. By taking a cheap Hajj package london the pilgrim may perform Hajj living inside his budget. The only need is to make a positive intention of the Muslim to undertake the Hajj, and then Allah, the Almighty, makes the way easier for him.

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