Non Muslims Drawing Nearer to The Makkah

May 12, 2015

Non Muslims Drawing Nearer to The Makkah

Traveling to Makkah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, either for religion or for the fun, is not only attracted for the Muslims, but it attracts a great number of Non Muslims. Welcome to Makkah! The sign that welcomes you as you approach on the 4 miles away. So, is known it wouldn’t be permitted for non Muslim to make it into the mosque yet they had a desire for seeing it all even from the outwards. It is commonly known that the non Muslims, are not permitted in the Makkah, as the city is divine in Islam. However, as the non Muslims leave from the Jeddah, they might be unaware of this. Not only the non Muslims, there is a great amount of the Muslims who do not know this fact about the city, as many of them do not consider such issues.

There are some people who just set out for the Makkah, thinking that how could anyone know that they are Muslim or not. Apparently, being the white could be a sign, but there are a great number of white Muslims on the earth. Here, maybe some with dull or dark complexion would think that they may be considered to be a Moroccan or some Somaliyan, but the truth is that, everyone is checked significantly, as there is a tight security around the Mosque, so one can’t be drawn nearer.

Yes, it is the fact that they do check everyone. How would they isn’t that right? The first question in the mind of anyone. By putting gigantic checkpoints over the motorways precisely like tolls, they make individual checking possible for the Grand Mosque of the Makkah. Also, they additionally put a tremendous sign over the street to say that, if you are non-Muslim then gets off. For non Muslims, it appears to be insane yet, in Saudia anything is conceivable. The Non Muslims feel extremely disliked and rejected. Up the slope Non Muslims may went and onto the ‘Christian sidestep’s which presents them about 50km out, into the desert to sidestep the city. The city is the holiest in Islam and subsequently Makkah is taboo for non-Muslims, Medinah further north additionally has this confinement.

Sometimes, the Non Muslims get amazed that how they come to know that they are not Muslims? The sign of being Muslim is apparent from the name of the individual, and if anyone manages with the name, then, on reaching closer to the Mosque, every Muslim is ought to perform one or more prayer in the yard of the Mosque, which is really impossible for the Non Muslim. So a Non Muslim, without converting into Islam cannot achieve to, or closer to the Great Mosque in Makkah and Medinah.

The Muslims, whenever came to the Great Mosque in the Makkah, it is entirely impossible for them that they miss the chance to perform the Umrah or at least the Tawaaf of the Kaabah. Whereas, most of the Muslims reach to Haram for the sole purpose of Hajj and the Umrah. Best Hotels with Non Shifting Hajj Packages For Muslims in England have been offered by a number of travel agents all over the world. These also have a choice of cheap Hajj packages to the Muslims of short savings.

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