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What Is The Ziyarat Of Mosque-Al-Nabavi

May 13, 2015
What Is The Ziyarat Of Mosque-Al-Nabavi

What Is The Ziyarat Of Mosque-Al-Nabavi

Mosque Al Nabavi is the mosque created by the Prophet (peace be on him) upon his advent to Medinah. It is the second most loved mosque in Islam and the second biggest on the planet, after the Mosque al-Haram in Makkah.

At the point when the Prophet (peace be on him) relocated to Medinah, the head of the city and his prompt supporters rode around his camel in their best garments and sparkling armors. Everybody was trusting he would stop by their home. The Prophet (peace be on him) would answer everybody pleasantly and sympathetic, “the Allah has directed this Camel; wherever it stops, that will be my home.” The camel proceeded onward with loosened reins, arriving at the site of the present mosque and stooped down. The Prophet (peace be on him) landed and said, “This is the home” and asked with reference to who owned the area. The area contained a couple of date trees, graves of polytheists, a resting spot for the crowds of steers and was claimed by two orphan siblings, Sahl and Suhail. The Prophet (peace be on him) bought the area.

Then Prophet, peace be on him, ordered to convert the newly bought courtyard into Mosque and the work started quickly. The majority of the work was carried out by blocks made of stones and covered mud yet amidst the northern divider stones were put on either side of the Salat corner. The palms in the area were cut down and their trunks were utilized as columns to support the top of palm extensions, yet most of the yard was left open. Little stones were laid on the floor to keep it from getting to be excessively sloppy. At the back of the mosque, the Prophet (peace be on him) made a shaded zone called as-Suffah in which the poor allies would spend the night. Two little huts were likewise built on the eastern side of the mosque to reside his two wives at the time, Aisha and Sauda (R.A).

The Prophet (peace and favors of Allah be on him) gave the Muslims of Medinah the title of “Ansar” which implies Helpers, while the Muslims of Quraysh and different tribes who had left their homes and emigrated to the desert garden he called ‘Muhajirun’, importance Emigrants. Work was done by all, including the Prophet (peace be on him) himself, and as they worked they droned two verses which one of them had compensated in the event.

The mosque was assembled twice amid the lifetime of the Prophet (peace be on him). The first when he had made the Hijra to Medinah in 622 CE, with the extent of the mosque, being about 35 x 30 meters and the 2.5 meters height. It was revamped after seven years after the Fath (opening) of Khaibar. The expanding number of Muslims by then required auspicious region of the mosque to oblige more worshippers. Usman (R.A) paid in the area to oblige the expansion, which made the mosque about 50 x 50 meters. The stature was additionally expanded to approximately 3.5 meters.

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