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How The Ahram Signifies Equality

May 18, 2015
The Ahram Signifies Equality

How The Ahram Signifies Equality

The Hajj begins at Meeqat. Here, the man must put on impressive same for all. Why? While one’s apparel covers the individual and also his character. So to speak, an individual doesn’t wear pieces of clothing, yet rather, the articles of clothing spread him. Articles of clothing symbolize inclination, status, outline and capability. They make shallow “fringes” which cause “division” between people. Generally speaking, “partition” between people, considers “separation”. In addition the thought of “I” not “we” rises! “I” is used as a piece of the setting of my race, my class, my family, my social affair, my position, my family, my qualities, and not “I” as a person.

Such an assortment of “outskirts” have been made in our lives, which conveyed the Adam’s family and humankind’s solidarity into various parts and groups. What happened was the going hand in hand with associations: Ace and hireling, oppressed and persecuted, exploited and abused, strong and frail, rich and poor, maintained and malnourished, respected and disgraced, content and hopeless, fair individual and layman, developed and savage, Eastern and Western, Arab and Ajam etc. Humanity is divided into races, nations, classes, subclasses, social affairs, and families. Each one has its own novel status and values, names and regards.

Clearly remove your articles of clothing. Surrender them at Meeqat. Wear the Ahram (Kafan) which, includes plain white material. You will be dressed like other individuals. See the consistency shows up. Be a part joining the mass; enter the ocean, as a drop. Not to feel pleased, as you are not here to see some individual, however be humble most. You are going to meet Allah. Be the individual who comprehends his mortality or a mortal who feels his vicinity.

At Meeqat, paying little regard to your race or tribe, you must doff all the spreads you wore on your step by step life as, what was symbolizing irateness and abuse, guile, precariousness and subjugation. Leave all these in Meeqat and acknowledge your interesting shape as a “man” – one and only “Adam” as you will be toward the end, as one “dead”.

Wrapping yourself in two bits of fabric. One covers your shoulders and on the other hand goes around your waist. No extraordinary style or material is used. It is made of plain and clear fabric. Everyone is wearing the same outfit. No capabilities in appearance are noticeable. The parades from all around all through the world which are wandering out for Hajj packages 2016 will collect at Meeqat. They will meet, meanwhile and at the same spot. On his way towards Allah, man is “to be” however, he is “to end up” what he ought to be.

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