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How To Find The Laylatul Qadr

June 24, 2015

How To Find The Laylatul Qadr

A holiest night in the Ramadan is known as the night of Power, Hajj packages 2016 or the Laylatul Qadr. It is a common believe of most of Muslims, that it was the night when the Quran was sent down to the earth. Although, exact date  is not known, but it came with one of the Last ten odd nights of the Ramadan. The common believe of the Muslims about the night is that all the previous sins of them are excused and forgiven by praying on this night of the Ramadan. Additionally, they might be granted with good deeds by Ibadat of this night as equal to the deeds of many months.

A complete Surah of the Quran, known as Al Qadr, is associated to describe the merits of worshipping in the night of power. According to the traditions of Islam, these may be signs of the night of power each year: A night which is peaceful and without any shooting star with a moderate temperature, with a moon shining but without emitting rays. On the morning a sun appearing like a disc without any beams emitting from it.

There is a large portion of the Muslims believing that the entire Quran was given to the Angel Jibril on this sacred night, who transmitted it to the holy Prophet, peace be on him, in a period of 23 years and more, according to the directions of Allah.

Those Muslims, who can manage the time, may spend last ten nights of the Ramadan in Ibadat, hoping that they will find the Laylatul Qadr, in following the traditions of the Prophet, peace be on him. Fasting the whole day and spending the nights in Ibadat, like prayers, reciting the Quran and offering the Nawafil etc. There are certain acts advised to do for the nights of Lalyatul Qadr as the great number of Muslims used to follow them for ages and these include: Study of the holy Quran, giving of the charity, striving for the forgiveness of the Almighty, praying and making Dua, and remember that it is in the power of the Allah to grant you some or all you looked for.

The great number of Muslims congregates in the Masajid to offer prayers and worship their Lord throughout the night, together. The best prayers of the night are also conveyed to the Muslims through the special sermons of the Imams make on the night.

After almost 20 days of the fasting, the reward of the charity made on the night of Laylatul Qadr is assumed to be multiplied many times. The evidence may be found from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, as he said: during the Ramadan, whoever draw nearer to the Allah with any single features, among the features of goodness, he is like the one who performs the obligatory acts at any other time. And whoever does a mandatory act in it, he is similar to whoever performed seventy compulsory acts in other times.

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