How The Establishment Of Masjid E Jumah Occurred

July 7, 2015
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How The Establishment Of Masjid E Jumah Occurred

Masjid Jummah, on the limit of Medinah imprints the site where the Prophet (peace be on him) drove the first Jumah prayer, not long after his Hijrah from Makkah. It is around 2.5 km from Masjid-e-Nabavi (peace be on him).

The Prophet (peace be on him) left Quba on a Friday to head into Medinah. cheap umrah packages 2016 Around a kilometer from Quba he passed the town of Banu Salim ibn Auf. The populace of Banu Salim requested: “O Prophet of Allah, you stayed at the homes of our cousins for various days, reward us too with something, for they will pride themselves over us till the Day of Judgment that you stayed with them”. The Prophet (peace be on him) got off and offered his first Jumah in their territory.

Approximately one hundred Muslims partook in this first Jumah prayer. Amongst them were the Prophet’s (peace be on him) relatives from Bani a Najjar, who had come to meet him and some from Bani Amr who had escorted him from Quba. After performing the Friday Salat, the Prophet (peace be on him) mounted Qaswa (his camel) and set off for the city of Medinah. Masjid Jumma is likewise known by a Bani Salim mosque, al wadi mosque, Masjid Ghubaib and Aatikah mosque.

According to ibn Jarir, he conveyed this Khutbah (sermon): “Acclaim has a place with Allah. I laud Him, request His help and look for His Forgiveness and implore Him for Guidance. umrah packages 2017 I put stock in Him and don’t dismiss Him. I detest the individuals who question Him. Furthermore, I take the stand, there is no God, however, Allah, the One, Who has no accomplice, and that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger who is sent with direction and genuine religion, light and reprimand, when there has not been a Messenger for quite a while, when learning is yet little, men are misinformed, and end of time is close, passing being nearby.

He who obeys Allah and His Messenger is without a doubt guided and he who defies them is lost on the wrong way, is tumbled down to a frightful misguidance. Also, I ask you to trepidation Allah, the best exhortation a Muslim may provide for another Muslim, encouraging him to get ready for the Hereafter and to apprehension Allah. umrah 2016 O People; avoid what Allah has requested that disregard. What’s more, there is no guidance more prominent than that and no recognition more prominent than that. Know! For him who fears Allah in his interests, the best course is Taqwa in issues of the Hereafter. He who keeps his association with Allah, both mystery and open, right/ being true/ that will be an advantage for him after death more than Dhikr in this world. Anyhow, if anybody comes up short in that then he would wish that his deeds were avoided him. Concerning him who accepts and satisfies his guarantee them;

“The word is not changed with Me, nor do I wrong (My) hirelings.” [Al Quran]

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