A Muslim is a role model for society

February 6, 2017
Shab-e-Barat the great day in Islam

Muslim is a role model

Islam is a complete code of life. From you head to toe and earth to sky it explain all the matters related to social, political, marital, religious, and all affairs that are being concerned in life of any common man. The world is full of complexities and a simple at the same time, entirely depends upon our perception and thinking, how we take it into account. Muslim is a role model and great symbol for society. he is just in his affairs and other matters. He shows courteous behavior and able to perceive the difficult things easily and make them as easy as possible for the development and the welfare of the society.

When a Muslims enter in a new system of values or in a new society then he enters with the principles of Islam not with new inventions. He is very vigilant about his role in that society. Most of the people left their values and old traditions when they enter in a new system and don’t care about their religious values as well. It’s totally a wrong path for selection because as long as you are stuck to your faith, values and traditions you have a tag or a symbol with you but when you walk with the new system. you don’t have any specific identity.

Islam provide us all guide lines to run any not only aware us about the roles but how to execute them according to the great knowledge of Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. As we all know that hadith is a complete knowledge of the practices of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and His companions. It’s a complete frame work embedded with all our desired requirements. By acting upon those guidelines and instructions, not only we beautify our lives but make a specific place in the ranks of Heaven. If you are one of the pilgrimages of Hajj and you don’t have any idea about the basics, then how will you execute it? it’s a matter of fact when you require the proper guidelines. And if you are those who accepted the inventions over traditions then you cannot be a role model to all Muslim Ummah. Therefor we brought up the Umrah Package for Family from Manchester, England. Acting a role model of society, we are providing you the most convenient services to our people so that It could be the best selection for them to have our packages to provide you ease.

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