Think Beyond The Race: Caste, Creed And Religion

May 26, 2017
Think Beyond The Race Caste, Creed And Religion

It is in the air that the Taoist man takes a photo of Jewish couple sitting next to Muslim mother and child and it is the good post with reference to the response of the people as they regarded it as a positive thing. That we have more things to worry about other than to consider the skin of the color, focus on the race, sexuality and especially a religion.

It was the great hustle and bustle on the streets of New York as it was the day of Sunday. Then meanwhile such an amazing story begins with a great chapter in which Mr. summer played a great role. It was the real incident that looks like a story and its value cannot be denied.

Mr summer who was a Taoist man suddenly comes through a situation in which he finds a couple beside him and he gave up his seat for them to sit on the other moment, they scoop over themselves as they find a Muslim mother who wants to feed her child through the feeder. The Jewish couple made a space for the Muslim mother to be seated and to feed her child with ease.

It was the incident that shows that we have more things to worry or to point out the someone’s particular caste, creed, color and religion. The world is full of beautiful people as well just need to understand the priorities.

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