Manchester Massacre: Muslim Are The Supporter Of Peace

May 29, 2017
Manchester Massacre: Muslim Are The Supporter Of Peace

Muslim man comforts elderly Jewish woman, is a symbol of Manchester unity that is the positive signs against those anti forces that are making the bad image of the Muslim community as the terrorist. The main reason to tag the Muslims as a terrorist is the lack of knowledge about Islam. Just because of one person you cannot tag the whole nation is wrong as one person that belongs to the Muslim community. He is going to have the condolence with the Jewish women that represent the good behavior and the strong symbol of peace that Muslims never aim to destroy the peace of the society.

Few anti-Islamic forces aim to destroy the image of the Muslim community in the society. You will see the speeches of US President that is full of such content that is against the religion of Islam. He usually targets the Muslim community and didn’t leave any chance to blame the Muslim community for their strange behavior.

Salman Abedi is found to be the culprit of this incident that has been identified as an attacker of this incident. And the anti-Islamic forces started shouting at the Muslim community again. While if they recall the incident of 7/7 then who was the main culprit then? Obviously, they are killed by US marines. So, before pointing out the whole community we should know the true facts that why the incidents are happening around because there are many things to worry about other than caste creed or religion.

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