World’s Most Expensive Footballer Paul Pogba On His Religious Duty

May 31, 2017
Paul Pogba On His Religious Duty

Paul Pogba offers his religious duty that is also known as the world most expensive footballer. He visits the Holy Haram to perform his Umrah and be a part of the Blessings of the Islam’s holiest city of Makkah on Sunday. He also called it the most beautiful thing that he had never seen before. In his pleasure and the excitement, he also shares the video and the image on the social media to give the specific message. It is still under the curiosity of nation that if the 24 years old would fast in the month of Ramadan. and if he will be the playing the goal under his religious terms while playing for France against Paraguay, Sweden, and England in June.
In his early post Pogba represents his luggage and inform the people that soon he is going to make thankfulness to his creator. He also added “See you soon Manchester!” as he is going to perform his religious duty. Pogba had been a great player and performing spectacularly as he lifted the Europa League trophy with Manchester United last week. He also had a great astonishing performance that made the great distinction and forced the United shelled out £89million for the French footballer United finished at the sixth position this year. Pogba had played greatly and scored a goal against Ajax in the Europa League. He performed amazingly that has won the hearts of the people.

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