Did Saudi Arabia Give $100 Million To Ivanka Trump as Donation?

June 1, 2017
Did Saudi Arabia Give $100 Million To Ivanka Trump as Donation?

Misrepresentation of the nature of Ivanka Trump’s involvement for the help of the female entrepreneurship in a World Bank project. This was the misconceptions that were being spread through a partisan web.
There was a claim on the first of Daughter of the Trump, Ivanka has received the $100 million donations from Saudi Arabia to assist the female entrepreneurship fund. But when it was surveyed then the result was false. The truth behind the story is that the Ivanka Trump was an advocate of the world bank project. That is for to provide the assistance and funding for female entrepreneurs in the developing world. It was 21st may 2017 when the report was published in which an article claiming that Saudi Arabia had donated $100 million to Ivanka Trump’s female entrepreneurship fund”. It was mentioned that President Trump visited Saudi Arabia was fortuitous for the both countries specifically First Daughter Ivanka.
The same report was published in the article of the Wall Street Journal article. Which stated, more accurately about this issue and the stance of the world’s bank spokesperson, according to the world bank announcement. That has been made on Sunday, the event with Ivanka Trump that is the daughter of the US president and senior White House adviser, that the Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has pledged this fund to assist the entrepreneurship for the women.
Over all the claim seems to less accurate as the whole amount cannot be under the custody of one personality to operate the whole project and it has less accuracy regarding the proofs as well as figures.

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