Long Term Us Ally Saudi Arabia Is Ready To Join Hand With Russia

June 5, 2017
Long Term Us Ally Saudi Arabia Is Ready To Join Hand With Russia

A beginning of a great friendship between Saudi Arabia and Russia have been reflected in a recent series of deals and there are great signals for another see revolution in the ever-evolving global order.

Saudi Arabia that is located in the Middle East has greatly enjoyed the longitudinal and cooperative relationship with one of the most power countries the United States of America that has the hold on most of the countries due to their debt and economy fluctuations. The US and Saudi Arabia relationship has been developed when oil resources have been explored within Saudi Arabia in the 1930s. The latest initiative that have been taken in just passing few days headed by U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi’s King Salman in which both countries has established a warmer rapport during the final years of former President Barack Obama’s presidency when there have been developed lots of tensions between Saudi Arabia’s stance on Iran and Yemen.

Now the cooperative links are just going to develop between the Kingdom and Russia that has not good terms with the US from few past decades. The flagship symbol of cooperation between these two countries is the important reason of the oil output cut agreement between OPEC and non-OPEC members. There is no turning point for the deal as both countries decided to come together in China last year to sign a statement of cooperation that was “widely acclaimed”.

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