Preparations of Saudi Arabia Prepared for Trump Visit

June 5, 2017
Preparations of Saudi Arabia Prepared for Trump Visit

Though Trump visit has lots of eye catch and criticism as well there were marvelous preparations made by the Saudi Arabia for the Trump visit. Saudi Arabia prepared the military flyover and the greetings through the horses. They also arranged the hiring of three U.S. lobbying firms, and one of them was the recommendation of Trump’s former advisors as reported by CNN Thursday.
According to the scrutiny reports of the CNN’s perusal with the Justice Department, the Ministry of Saudi Arabia hired the Sonoran Policy Group of Arizona as they have received the news of Trump visits to Kingdom, with a contract worth a pricey $5.4 million.

The intention of Saudi Arabia was not just confined to the to restore closer ties or just to make the long pending deals successfully. The $110 billion arms deal with US president was just a beginning and Saudi Arabia was going to have to take a more proactive stance and can try to shape the agenda in the coming future in Washington. Congress has made the decision last year to overturned Obama’s veto to pass legislation in which there is a petition to allow the victims of Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks to sue the Saudi government.It means there can be long lasting advantages beyond these contracts that will be revealed after some specific period of time.

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