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$1.4 Billion Military Sale to Saudi Arabia by US

June 7, 2017
$1.4 Billion Military Sale to Saudi Arabia by U.S

A few days back the American President Donald Trump made the great visit to Saudi Arabia in which many agreements have been taken under consideration. In which the biggest deal in the US history was made by two parties that were up to $1.4 billion. And there was confusion regarding the partisan of the US political parties regarding this deal. But now it has been approved by the U.S. State Department which confirmed that sale of $1.4 billion in military training and equipment to Saudi Arabia that is the larger arms deal signed by President Trump in May.
Trump finalized this deal led by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, that will supply the nation with around $110 billion in defense items such fighter planes, tanks, combat ships and precision-guided bombs over the next ten years.
On Monday two approval have been forwarded to the State Department the US in which two major sales were have been under consideration one is training for the Saudi Arabia Military Forces while the other one is for the Royal Saudi Air Force and a radar system to improve Saudi Arabia’s border security. According to the Pentagon, the radar system has the capacity to target the incoming missiles with great efficiency that include all the ammunition is a part of $662 million packages. The remaining $750 million will finance a training program that will include the martial skills for the Army and their instructions as well as language skills.

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