Isolation of Qatar, Is a sudden act?

June 8, 2017
Isolation of Qatar, Is a sudden act?

Donald Trump and the Emir of Qatar were with each other in Riyadh as he was on the visit of the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia. It was the good tour with respect to their political matters. Then a sudden decision came on the next Monday. The neighbors of the Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain – plus Egypt and smaller nations severed diplomatic ties with Qatar and there was only one reason that It has the involvement in supporting the terrorists across the region. Now the point is obvious that is need to know.
If you analyze the economic terms of the both countries then you will see the fabulous line of wealth. Enough rich with the resources of black gold as well as both have the strong relations with the United states. Both are ruled by Arab dynasties which, like the majority of their citizens, are conservative Sunni Muslims. When Saudi Arabia announced its Operation Decisive Storm intervention in Yemen the qatar was one of their supporters. Everyone is thinking about these sudden acts but nothing is sudden as for many years they have harbored its own ideas that are the pinching points for the many countries in the middles Easts especially Saudi Arabia. In 2014 Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates had frozen their diplomatic ties with Qatar, but this week have the greater magnitude. It’s upon the time now where situations go.

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