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Steps to Choose Best Umrah Service

September 8, 2017

Choosing the best Umrah Service and agent is a vivacious part of Hajj and Umrah preparation. But there are guidelines as to what to look for when selecting the Hajj and Umrah travel agent by the Ministry of Hajj of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is important that travelers recognize these standards and put on them when buying a Hajj and Umrah packages. Some people say that first you should go to Madinah and then go to Makkah. When you travel on the plane, at least you are not on your Ihram state. To get used to the place and conditions you should spend a few days in Madinah. But if you decided to go to Makkah first then forget about sleeping and resting.

There are many award-winning companies or agencies in the UK that’s why they offer their cheap packages for the customers with the best hotels in Makkah and Madinah. So, they offer the Cheap Umrah Packages 2017-2018 with quality standard hotels in their Umrah Service.

Best Steps to Choose Umrah Agent                                

Criteria to choose best Umrah Service or agent are briefly mentioned below,

  • You should choose that agency which is registered with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj. Because only recorded agents are approved by the Hajj Ministry to organize International Hajj and Umrah Tours.
  • On the Ministry Hajj portal, you can check the four-digit license number issued by the Hajj Ministry for agents. That way you can find the real or approved agent.
  • Approved traveling agencies are more probable to be conscious of the newest rules and guidelines of processing.  Visas and other essential requirements to organize Hajj and Umrah tours.
  • If the pilgrims are unhappy with an agent for any honest reason, then they can file a complaint to the Hajj Ministry contrary to the agent because agents are answerable to the Ministry.
  • You should visit the Ministry site because they caution the pilgrims not to fall in the trick of fake and low-cost service packages and asked for the cash payment. They are just infrequently promoted by scoundrel agents.
  • You should know each and every thing like flight class, dates and name of the airlines, type of lodgings, catering Umrah Service or food in Madinah and Makkah and traveling distance between every place.


Many things can occur that completely outside the control of an agent. You should prepare yourself according to this. So, try to see such condition from both sides.

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